So what the hell am I up too ?

I thought I'd kick off things with a nice what the hell am I up to post....

Right now ?

I'm listening to the Prodigy, thinking up some ideas for their song Run With The Wolves (more on that later) drinking a beer and getting ready to edit some photos of Aimee.

I'm also getting ready to cut a performance video I shot on Friday night of The Spikes over the next few days, It was me and Clarence (my trusty Canon 5d mk ii) running around like idiots shooting in the Village on Friday night. We recorded the audio for the last song Showman and I'm gonna cut it up and make it look pretty.

You should check out the Spikes myspace page

their a handsome and very cool bunch of dudes. Here's the first Video I Cut For The Guys :

Directing music videos is always something I wanted to get into and here's my chance. If this video goes well I'll be on to doing a full scale music video so fingers crossed!

Back to the Prodigy, they're running a Run With The Wolves music video competition where I make what I want submit it and hopefully it gets picked. I can only imagine how much airplay this video will get so it's such a great opportunity to get kick started.

On the photography front I'm just finishing up work on Aimee / Jem The Rockstar.
It was my first time in the studio so i was a little nervous / unsure of the lighting but here's the results so far. I'll post up the rest of the shots as I finish them.

Aime Work In Progress

Aimee Retro

Aimee Studio Session

Aimee Studio Session

Aimee Studio Session


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