Arnotts January Sale Commercial

Just before Christmas I shot my first commercial with the Canon 5d mk ii.

The brief was quite a quite simple set up, One 10sec shot of a good looking girl getting out of bed and then track/gib down to the sheets for the end text to appear.

The main problem was she was lying on red satin sheets which are very difficult to shoot as you want a nice shiny highlight but if you're not careful you'll end up with blown out detail and the whole shot was ruined....the solution was two HUGE silks to double diffuse the crap out of the light seen below.

This gave a lovely soft key light that really worked with the sheets.

Over all it was a pretty basic shoot but I'm more than happy to how the canon performed under a proper commercial setting

Check out the finished piece below.

Thanks to the sexy Stevo MacStiofáin for the stills of the setup


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